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What is this and how does one get it? When the nail plate get discolored, or break and thicken then you are experiencing onychomycosis or the appearance of fungus. Usually there is no pain or symptoms other than the cloudy appearance and splitting.

This fungal toe infection is mostly found in gyms, saunas, public showers and pools. Men get this type of infection more often than women and the elderly and people with weak immune systems suffer more often from onychomycosis.

Athletes and people who wear tight fitting shoes and shoes that increase perspiration in the foot area can be the cause for the infection.

Home Remedies as Nail Fungus Remover

There are natural remedies that can be purchased in any pharmacy or over the counter in your local grocery store that can act as a Nail Fungus Remover such as Australian Tea Tree oil which is an essential oil from the leaves of the "Melaleuca Alternifolia" plant found in Australia. The oil is an antiseptic, nail fungus remover and used as an antifungal cream.

Another natural anti-microbial remedy which is effective is Grapefruit seed extract and there are creams and lotions made from this fruit's seeds which have antiviral and antifungal properties.

Massaging Vics Vapo Rub, in some cases of fungal infections of the toes, has been successful in killing the fungus and curing the infection, although in some cases it has been reported that the nail will become dark at first, indicating that the Vicks is getting rid of the fungus.

The idea of applying apple cider vinegar as a nail fungus remover and to cure this type of infection has been around for a long time, and the best thing is that it works when you do apply a daily dose of vinegar onto the nail with a cotton swab. The vinegar will make it acidic and kill the fungus.

Oral Remedies & Gels

Lamisil and Sporonox are oral anti-fungal medications that are very effective for getting rid of nail fungal infections; however they should be used for a maximum of three months, one pill per day. Side effects for these drugs are such things as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and lightheadedness.

There are also over the counter topical nail gels that are available which can reduce and get rid of the yellowness and cracking of the fungal infection such as Keralac and Carmol 40 and can be applied directly to the affected area.

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Natural Nail Fungus Treatments

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Nail Fungus Remover

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